Narrator: Brenda Bence is a branding and marketing expert and certified speaking professional who has inspired audiences across 6 continents and over 50 countries. With a true passion for branding, from company brands to personal brands, Brenda's unique approach simplifies the branding process like never before. And teaches you how to apply these principles immediately to grow your business and strengthen your team.

Through her engaging sense of humour and
captivating real life stories, Brenda has entertained and enlightened audiences all around the world. She is also the award winning author of several books featuring her thought provoking perspectives on corporate and personal branding as well as how to make the important connection between the two. With 25 years of experience marketing some of the world's biggest selling brands and managing billions dollar businesses, Brenda helps companies around the world develop powerhouse corporate brands.

And she has combined that extensive corporate
branding experience with her certification as an executive coach to create a distinctive leadership personal branding system that drives excellence in the work place and dramatically increases productivity. Indeed, Brenda's leadership personal branding program has been ranked one of the top 25 leadership programs in the world by Leadership Excellence magazine.

Brenda: I'm gonna show you this brand.
Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz, the brand. What I'd like you to do is pretend that if Mercedes Benz were a person, this person would be standing to my right. And I'm going to ask you a series of questions in rapid succession about this person standing to my right. Man or woman?

Audience: Man.

Brenda: Fantastic. What age?
Young? Middle aged or older?

Audience: older

Brenda: How was he dressed? What's he

Audience: Suit.

Brenda: All right. And what's his income? Low, medium
or high?

Audience: High

Brenda: And what's his favourite pastime?

Audience: Golf [laughter]

Brenda: Do you see that? You answered those questions
exactly the same way. Your images in your mind were exactly the same. ... Great brands don't get to be great by accident. Now, I believe that people, just like products, are brands. Would you want to be your colleague? Would you want to be your boss? Would you want to have you as a boss? .... You already have a leadership personal brand.

Because remember, I said,"it's the way
you want others to perceive, feel and think about you." Guess what? Those people are doing the perceiving, thinking and feeling right now. What is your leadership brand? Where does that brand exist, by the way? If it's the people that perceive, think and feel about you, it exists in the minds of other people. ...

Interviewer: Welcome to the
program Brenda Bence.

Interviewer: Welcome to Better Living with Adrianne. We're joined by
Brenda Bence.

Narrator: A popular guest on radio and television
programs, Brenda has been featured in over 400 magazines and publications across the world. Multinational corporations call on Brenda Bence when they need an expert to strengthen both their corporate brands and their team members' personal brands. Here is a sampling of just a few of Brenda's clients.

Brenda's speaking engagements and interactive
workshops show that the road to a successful corporate brand begins with improving the individual brands of each team member. Through her expertise, she'll guide you and your colleagues to a whole new level of performance so that you can improve not only your company's profile but also your bottom line. ...

Brenda: Too many marketers focus on what we
don't have. Instead, what I encourage us to do today, we're gonna focus on what we do have.

The toughest branding challenge that I ever faced
in the corporate world was when we had a brand that was doing great, something happened and plummeted very quickly. And trying to grow that brand back up. Boy, that's tough. That is really tough. And it happens in personal branding, too. ... Alfred Nobel was a wealthy Swedish industrialist who lived in the 1800's. And he was very famous for having invented two things. What did he invent? Does anybody know?

Audience: Dynamite

Brenda: Dynamite is one of them. And the second one?
The detonator. One day, in 1888, Alfred's brother, Ludwig died. And he opens up the morning paper to find the obituary section and he realizes they switched the obituaries. Alfred Nobel had the rare opportunity of opening up the morning paper and reading his own death notice. And what he read that day not only changed the rest of his life, but it changed mankind as we know it today.

Because in fact, what happened
is the title of that obituary, the title of Alfred Nobel's obituary was "The Merchant of Death". Because everything he had done to date, everything he was famous for, was about death and destruction. It was at that moment that he decided to plant the seeds for the Nobel Prizes. To take the money he had earned all these years and put it into something that would make a big difference for mankind. And look what the Nobel name stands for today. The highest achievements of mankind. Alfred Nobel had a choice. And so do you.

Audience: Brenda helped
us understand that we can be active in crafting our own personal brand.

Audience: What can I say? It's fabulous.
It's great. Really interesting. I would encourage everyone to come and participate.

Audience: Just across the board,
it was thought provoking.

Audience: It was very
useful to me. If my branding is not communicated very well, I would like to improve it.

Audience: I think
Brenda is brilliant. ...

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