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You are viewing an
interactive transcript which is simply an audio or video file synchronized with a transcript.

This technology
allows the user to click on any word in the transcript and the video will play from that point.

As a content owner, embedding
an interactive transcript of your audio or video on your website, will result in more traffic.

This is due to the
fact that search engines are unable to index content inside your audio or video file.

ProTranscript solves this problem.

So if you are looking for an affordable way to drive
more traffic to your content using innovative technology, contact us today.



Our transcripts are better than the rest...

Search Engine Optimization - Increase traffic and advertising revenue

Search engines are an essential way to attract visitors to your website. Search engines such as Google automatically scans the content on your website, and then ranks your website accordingly in search results. Unfortunately, search engines have no way of knowing what content is contained inside your audio or video files. Interactive Transcripts solve this problem by placing a transcript of your media onto your website. Your audio/video content will then be indexed, and show up in search results which will drive incremental traffic to your website.

Embed Interactive Transcripts on your Website and Offline Products

Embedding Interactive Transcripts on your website is simple. Once your transcripts are completed, we provide you with the appropriate embed code to host the product on your own website. This is advantageous as you can add your own branding and advertising. You can also put your Interactive Transcripts on DVD using our stand-alone offline player. This is popular with clients who facilitate conferences, as they can then provide a value added product to their attendees.

Improved accessibility and comprehension

According to The National Center for Health Statistics, there are over 30 million people in the US that are deaf or hard of hearing. Having a transcript of your media opens your content up to this market segment. In addition, Interactive transcripts and captions help non-native English speakers consume your content.

Enhanced user experience

Studies have shown that being able to listen to audio while simultaneously reading text of the audio, results in better comprehension and retention of the content being played. The product is ideal in an academic setting.

Broaden your Podcast Audience

Many people listen to more than one Podcast, but they only have a certain amount of time and may not be able to listen to them all! Having the transcript of your Podcast available for readers gives people the ability to read your content (which they may come across on search engines) much faster than listening to the entire Podcast. New users can decide if they like your content by skimming the text, without having to listen to all of the audio. In case studies this has led to an increased amount of listeners, readers, and/or viewers.